SVHEART-LUSO, obtained the CE mark in all products of the brand ™ with excellence through product quality and technical expertise.

SVHEART-LUSO distributes a variety of medical equipment with innovative technology and design for hospitals; in cardiovascular, cardiology, ICU, UCIP UCIC, Operative block, EMS, etc.

We maintain high levels of innovation in choosing our products, expertise and technical expertise to deliver solutions, and we are continually expanding our innovations in new businesses and high growth adjoining markets.

Our Philosophy

Customer orientation

Gathering the feedback of our customers’ needs is the priority for the global partners of SVHEART-LUSO.

Passion and Challenge

Our passion and challenge is to focus on research and constant development in new areas.

Our goal is to provide technology that enhances user comfort, product safety, and patient quality of life.

Strengthening the Global Network

Through a worldwide network of professionals and specialists, SVHEART-LUSO continues to provide the best quality products.

Permanent Service

Listen permanent and constantly our client, thus allowing us to offer solutions adapted to each situation or need.

Our Commitments

We are able to select and offer a range of equipment and medical products suited to your needs in many areas: diagnosis, laboratory, imaging, surgery, emergency, before and after birth, ambulances, mobile clinics, hospital furniture, audiometry, spirometry, ophthalmology, Toxicology, for sale or long-term rental.

We ensure the delivery and installation of the equipment throughout the country. The respect of the deadlines and control of the costs of the approach are recognized.

We have;

  • Product and / or equipment formations;
  • The annual calibration of laboratory materials;
  • Maintenance of medical equipment.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as a leader in the health segment and a solution provider, offering products and services to ensure effective service through innovation and expand its activities in Portugal.
  • In a rapidly expanding health world, we offer our clients more:





… throughout the equipment life cycle.

  • While innovation in the medical world is constantly changing, we want to …

Technological partnerships

Deploy a unified information system

Accelerate time to market for new products

Our Values

Integrity, reliability, modesty, loyalty and honesty in all actions.

Provide a working environment to learn, innovate and develop mutually with respect and dignity.

Maintain the trust of our customers, our partners and our investors.

Create a safe work environment with products that meet current standards to ensure patient safety and medical response teams.

Continuous improvement of products delivered to all our customers.

We strive to meet and exceed each client’s expectations.